A man in India has allegedly set ablaze his estranged wife, her lover and the couple's 10-month-old child. The infant, who suffered 80% burns, succumbed to injuries.

The suspect, identified as Nagula Sai, was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder. The charges against Sai are likely to be upgraded after the child's death. The horrific incident happened in Hyderabad, a city in the southern Indian state of Telangana on Monday night, The Times of India reported.

Investigators believe the suspect was upset with his estranged wife, S Aarthi, over her relationship with her lover, identified as Nagaraju. Aarthi, who was married to Sai for eight years, left her husband after disagreements with him. She then started living with Nagaraju and the duo was running a flower shop. The couple had a 10-month-old son.

"Nagula Sai has been having disputes with his estranged wife Aarthi and her live-in partner Nagaraju for a long time. On Monday night, when Aarthi, Nagaraju and their baby boy were at the flower shop, the accused poured petrol on them and tried to kill them by setting them ablaze," an investigating officer said.

Sai left the scene after the incident and was detained later. Neighbors rushed to the scene and rescued the victims. They were taken to a nearby hospital with severe burn injuries.

Both Aarthi and Nagaraju suffered 40% burns and were receiving treatment, while the baby succumbed to burn injuries, The Hindu reported.

In a similar incident last month, a man in India was arrested for setting his 4-year-old daughter on fire after an argument with his wife. The suspect, Sanju Turi, got into an argument with his wife, suspecting her of having an affair. In an inebriated state, the suspect reportedly tried to attack his wife with a knife and later turned his anger on the child as the wife managed to escape. Turi allegedly poured kerosene on the child and set her alight. The girl suffered 80% burn injuries, reports said.

A fire.
Representation. The flames of a fire. ernie/Pixabay