A man is suing his love interest for millions after she failed to reciprocate his feelings.

Singaporean resident K. Kawshigan reportedly filed two lawsuits against Nora Tan because she refused to have a romantic relationship with him.

The pair first met in 2016 and became friends but things turned sour in 2020 when Kawshigan realized Tan considered him only as her friend and not the "closest friend" as he did, MS News reported.

Tan rejected his romantic proposal and allegedly told him to cease contact with her and be "self-reliant."

This didn't sit well with Kawshigan who issued her a letter threatening her with legal action due to "monetary damages arising from negligent infliction of emotional distress and possible defamation."

Kawshigan reportedly vowed to cause "irrevocable" damage to her personal and professional life but put the lawsuit on hold to undergo counseling to improve their relationship, which only lasted for a year as Tan stopped attending them after learning Kawshigan was still clinging to hope she will be romantically involved with him.

The woman maintained that Kawshigan needed to respect her boundaries and no longer contact her, which led Kawshigan to file a $2.3 million suit alleging that she brought "damage to his stellar reputation" and "trauma, depression and impacts" to his life, as per Straits Times.

This was followed by a second suit in which the magistrates court asked for $16,700 in damages for breaching an agreement as she quit the counseling sessions abruptly, Channel News Asia reported.

Tan has since obtained an expedited protection order against Kawshigan and also hired lawyers to strike out his claims.

The second suit was dismissed by deputy registrar Lewis Tan, who called it "manifestly groundless and without foundation," and said the court won't be an accessory to Kawshigan's calculated attempt to compel engagement from Tan.

The pre-trial hearing for the high court lawsuit is reportedly scheduled for Feb. 9.

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