A man in southern Malaysia was caught on camera throwing a cat into a mine filled with water.

The incident is believed to have taken place in the state of Johor. After the video of the abuse surfaced online, the Malaysia Animal Association took to their Facebook page to offer a reward to identify the culprit, the World of Buzz reported.

“The Malaysia Animal Association is offering RM2,000 ($500) to witnesses who can successfully track the perpetrator who threw the cat into the mine. The act of throwing a cat into a mine like this cannot be forgiven. The cat could face the risk of death whether by drowning or getting eaten by predatory fishes,” the agency wrote.

“Help us identify him, the location and the voice of the perpetrator and his friend. There may be friends, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues or neighbors who may know the suspects in this cruel video,” they added.

Authorities said if anyone has information about the abuser, they must contact the Malaysia Animal Association via WhatsApp at +60166345464. The association also said a reward would be given to anyone who helps the perpetrators get prosecuted and sentenced. They plan to urge the police to launch an investigation into the incident.

It remains unclear when the video was taken. The fate of the feline was also not known at the time.

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In 2019, three kittens died after they were tossed from the ninth floor of an apartment complex in Malaysia. The Facebook group D’Cat D’Hati first shared the incident saying the felines were caged in the apartment complex when someone threw the cage down. Neighbors heard a noise and rushed outside to find the cage broken and the cats on the road.

“Two kittens first came out from the caged door and immediately died. Another one was moaning in pain and struggling but soon died a few minutes later,” the post said. According to the post, the owner of the felines was returning home from work when the incident took place. It was not known at the time who harmed the kittens. This incident came a few days after a cat was found hung to death in Perak, Malaysia.

Representative image. Liselotte Brunner/Pixabay