A 42-year-old father locked up his 5-year-old son and then tried to drown his 2-year-old daughter at a summer camp in California.

Camp staffers managed to stop the father just in time and looked after the children until deputies arrived.

Timothy Ryan Shipman, 42, of San Bernardino, managed to lie and make his way onto the premises of the Pali Mountain Camp in Running Springs after locking up his son inside a vehicle Tuesday, according to Los Angeles Times.

Shipman "lied his way onto the secure facility," the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said. He was then caught trying to drown the toddler in a pond, NBC LA reported.

"The suspect had drove onto the campus with his two children, locked his 5-year-old son in the vehicle, and attempted to drown his 2-year-old daughter," San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Gloria Huerta was quoted as saying by the outlet.

Staff members at the camp stopped Shipman and saved the girl's life, deputies said. They separated the children from their father and waited for deputies to arrest him.

"It's a good thing the staff members were there and were able to help the children," Huerta said. Shipman was taken to the hospital and later placed under arrest.

The young boy and girl also received medical attention from a hospital. Deputies said they were stable Wednesday.

"We are very proud of how our staff followed our protocols and acted immediately to help prevent what could have been an even more tragic situation," Pali Institute Outdoor Education Director Emily Balcome said in a statement to McClatchy News, as quoted by the Sacramento Bee. "We thank the emergency personnel from Running Springs for their swift response."

After a search warrant was issued, detectives "obtained evidence related to the investigation," deputies said, but they did not reveal further details.

Shipman faces an attempted murder charge.

An unidentified neighbor who lives in the same apartment complex as Shipman said she has seen the father walk with his kids and couldn't believe he tried to drown one of them. "He's doesn't seem to be that kind of guy. That's crazy," she told NBC LA.

Huerta noted that this is "a very rare case but one that is very disturbing."

The children are now in their mother's care, officials added.

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