• Ryan Storm's acquaintance checked on him after sensing something was wrong
  • He walked in on Storm carrying acts of violence on the woman
  • He called 911 to report what he had just seen
  • Storm's charges include kidnapping, sexual assault and strangulation

A 20-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped, battered, bound and raped a woman at a warehouse in Lake Barrington, Illinois.

Ryan Storm, 20, of Palatine, was arrested Wednesday after an acquaintance contacted 911 upon seeing a naked woman bound to a piece of heavy machinery inside the warehouse, reported ABC 7.

The caller told police that he had carried out a wellbeing check on Storm after receiving a strange call from the accused.

"Storm had indicated that he had been detained by the police for several hours and his car was destroyed, and he was taking his vehicle to his shop on Commercial Drive in Lake Barrington to fix this vehicle that was destroyed," Sgt. Chris Covelli of Lake County Sheriff's Office told ABC 7.

The acquaintance felt something was wrong and set out to Storm's workplace, inadvertently walking in on him carrying out acts of violence on the woman.

"They entered through an unlocked door, and were immediately confronted by Storm, who then ran off," Covelli said, adding that the beaten woman had been bleeding. "She did not appear to be in good shape at all," he added.

The woman was transported to a local hospital and is recovering. Police immediately started a search for Storm.

"This manhunt lasted several hours into the morning. At approximately 8:30 this morning, an individual in Fox River Grove called their local police because they saw a suspicious person walking through a subdivision," the officer said further.

Although Storm tried to evade the officers, he was arrested again. He is now in Lake County Jail and is facing multiple charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault and strangulation.

ABC7 also reported that someone at the warehouse commented, "You don't know the whole story." However, the person refused to elaborate more.

Meanwhile, Lake County Sheriff John D. Idleburg thanked the caller who had checked in on Storm after the "strange phone call," Daily Herald said in a report.

"I firmly believe that the victim's life was saved because of the gut feeling the caller had and the caller taking the further step of checking on the situation in the middle of the night," he explained. "That, in conjunction with the terrific law-enforcement collaboration, saved the victim's life and allowed us to take the offender into custody."

Storm will be produced in court Thursday morning.

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