• The victim said Wesley Spalding's manipulation impaired her judgment
  • Spalding smirked at her when she told the court about the abuses
  • The accused's "vulnerabilities" were brought up in court
  • The judge insisted that his behavior toward the victim was abuse

A 32-year-old man has been jailed for sexually assaulting a woman she met on Tinder, urinating on her and depriving her of sleep by playing loud and repetitive music.

A U.K. court sentenced Wesley Spalding from Coventry to seven years in prison after finding him guilty of assault by penetration, attempting to assault by penetration, two counts of sexual assault and two counts of coercive and controlling behavior following a week-long trial, reported Hull Live.

The victim told the Hull Crown Court that her dream date had turned sinister with Spalding manipulating her. "I had worked hard on my confidence. Only now I can see I was the perfect target. He seemed so caring and so thoughtful. His manipulation impaired my judgment. It didn't take long to go back to a shadow of my former self. I was sleep-deprived and that kept me in a state of confusion. He did things so painful I was embarrassed to tell people," she said.

Claire Holmes, mitigating for the defendant, told the court that the victim was "not particularly vulnerable" and had suffered problems before meeting Spalding.

"She has the support of her friends, she has her own friends and she has been able to return to work," Holmes said.

"This defendant had his own vulnerabilities. There is reference to his depression and the loss of his job, but that is no excuse for this type of behavior. It is relevant because there is reference to his struggles to show his emotional reactions which would lesson his understanding of the harm his behavior would cause," she added.

However, Judge Mark Bury said Spalding's behavior toward the victim was physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

"Your behavior towards her changed and involved sexual, physical, and emotional abuse," the judge said. "You deprived her of sleep. You weren't doing it for your own sexual gratification, but to exert power over her. You urinated on her which was extremely humiliating and degrading. There was an occasion where you threatened her with violence. You have shown to be a manipulator. She is young and strong and will get past this in due course."

When the victim read out her statement at the Hull Crown Court, Spalding smirked at her. He also continued to smile during sentencing, showing no remorse for the victim who was watching the proceedings from the witness box.

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