Bounty hunters may be a big part of “The Mandalorian,” the first live action TV series from “Star Wars.” Fans of the franchise who have seen “Empire Strikes Back” will remember the scene in which Darth Vader enlists the help of the scum of the galaxy to track down the Millennium Falcon. Two characters from that scene will reportedly be back in the upcoming show.

The following article contains spoilers from the upcoming “The Mandalorian” TV series.

According to a report by Making Star Wars, the droid IG-88 was on the set of the TV series. The report confirmed that this is not just another IG Assassin Droid, as they referred to it by name on the set, according to sources.

The scenes that have been filmed with IG-88 include close-ups and action sequences. Sources said that the droid was involved in a blaster shootout, and it was seen attacking the enemies while riding a speeder bike.

IG-88 is apparently getting a lot of backstory and screentime. It is reportedly associated with The Droid Gotra, a lethal group that appears in “Tarkin” novel and other “Star Wars” literature.

The other bounty hunter is a Trandoshan. The lizard-faced aliens are best known for being slavers who were allied with the Empire. The most famous character from this species is Bossak, who was also seen with Darth Vader in “Episode Strikes Back.” However, it isn’t clear if the character in “The Mandalorian” is the same one from the movie.

The main lead has already been confirmed to be a Mandalorian warrior played by Pedro Pascal. The TV series is set in a time when the Empire has just fallen, and the First order is yet to rise. The lone warrior operates in a world that is far from the influence of the New Republic.

According to a report by We Got This Covered, the upcoming TV series may feature a lava planet. A number of Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers have reportedly been spotted on the set, which suggests that the show will explore the aftermath of the fall of the Empire and the impact on the millions of soldiers across the galaxy.

According to Screen Rant, “The Mandalorian” will feature some new bounty hunters, along with a few familiar faces from the past. More details should be revealed when the first trailer is released online. The TV series doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is expected to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2019.