Will Pedro Pascal’s character get rid of Baby Yoda by the end of “The Mandalorian”? The gunfighter knows that life with him can be dangerous for the child, and he has been thinking of finding him a safe place. New details have surfaced online that reveal whether the character will return after the first season.

The following article contains “The Mandalorian” spoilers.

The remnant forces of the Empire desperately want Baby Yoda. Some want the baby dead, while others want to harvest its genetic material. They have put a huge bounty on the baby, which is why Pascal’s character has so far not been able to find it a safe place to live. But, will he manage to get rid of the tracking device and then find the baby a home by the end of the first season?

“The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson gave the fans some clues in a recent interview with The Wrap. The director revealed that he got a chance to visit the production set of “The Mandalorian” in October, and he saw the puppet of Baby Yoda there.

Readers should note that the filming of Season 2 of the “Star Wars” TV series is currently ongoing. If Johnson saw Baby Yoda on the set of the show recently, it is the first official confirmation that the character will return after the finale episode of the first season.

There will also be exciting new things to look forward to in the second season. After seeing the Empire’s AT-ST on the show, the next season may bring an imperial TIE Fighter, Making Star Wars reported.

As far as Baby Yoda is concerned, Making Star Wars previously revealed that “Star Wars” creator George Lucas contributed to building the mythology of the species the young character belongs to. “The Mandalorian” TV series is expected to reveal more details about the alien species, and also give it a name.

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