“The Mandalorian” TV series is arguably the most highly anticipated “Star Wars” projects this year. The show will take the fans back to the Western feel of the franchise with a desert setting. The series could be made even more exciting by bringing to life some fan favorite characters from the non-canon stories in Legends, and showrunner Jon Favreau has admitted that this is in active consideration.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Favreau was asked about bringing characters like Thrawn and Mara Jade from the Legends books. The producer didn’t want to talk specifics because he didn’t what to ruin any surprises, but he did say that these are some of the topics that are discussed behind-the-scenes.

With his TV show, Favreau has tried to connect it to all the movies in the “Star Wars” franchise, and merge it with the Legends stories. He did not reveal how he has accomplished this, but there are many more secrets about “The Mandalorian” that are yet to be discovered.

For his part, Favreau promised that the fans will enjoy the show no matter what flavor of “Star Wars” ice cream the audience prefer. The producer promised that there will be something for everyone on the show to enjoy.

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Favreau said that he has always been curious about the people who were seen in the cantina in the original trilogy. The producer said that he has tried to bring back some of these characters who had a lot of potential, but didn’t get enough screen time in the films.

The lead character in “The Mandalorian” operates in an “unforgiving” world. The trailer of the TV series teased some of the planets he will travel to and the challenges he will face, including the villain who used to be a Governor in the now fallen Empire.