• The sheriff said the suspect has a 'dangerous criminal history' with past arrests
  • Police said many dogs were in found poor health and chained to restrain them
  • All eight dogs were reunited with their families after investigation

A Michigan man is wanted by authorities in connection with an alleged dog fighting ring after deputies found six dogs starved to death and rotting and eight others chained in a backyard.

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office said a felony warrant has been issued for Casey Autry Kidd, 29, for abandoning animals. If he is convicted, Kidd could face a 4 to 10-year sentence, according to New York Post.

"Animal control rescued eight dogs, but tragedy discovered the remains of six dogs," the sheriff's office said in a Facebook post.

Some dogs were found with multiple stages of scarring and injuries suggestive of dog fighting. At least one dog, a Boston terrier, suffered scars which led to deputies believe it was used as bait for dogfighting, Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson said.

"The dogs had scars and were in multiple stages of injuries (and that leads us to suspect) they were involved in dog fighting," Swanson said, addressing a press conference Friday, as per Detroit News.

Many dogs were found in poor health and chained to restrain them from moving. "One was so tightly chained with all this wood product around its neck- could not even move. These dogs were emaciated," Swanson added, as per Whio. "Virtually starved to death."

Two of the dogs had microchips which helped authorities in reuniting them with their family. Deputies worked rigorously to reunite all eight of the dogs with their owners.

One of the dogs, which had been missing for over three weeks from Burton, was reunited with its owners, who were "overjoyed."

"They had been calling every day. They contacted animal control every day, looking for him," Captain Jason Murphy told MLive.

Swanson said the investigation was launched by Sergeant Jason White and Captain Jason Murphy from the sheriff's office about three weeks ago after they received a report of dogs chained in a backyard.

"If you find a missing dog, or a dog you think is a stray, contact your local agency," White said.

Swanson revealed Kidd has a "dangerous criminal history," with past arrests including home invasion and drug and assault offenses. The sheriff's office also found Kidd responsible for dog-napping.

"He's got a dangerous criminal history, so we're not asking anybody to put themselves at risk," Swanson said during the presser. "Violence leads to violence, abuse leads to abuse."

Those with any information regarding Kidd's whereabouts and the incident have been asked to call 911, Crime Stoppers at (800) 422-JAIL, or the Genesee Sheriff's Office at (810) 257-3422.

"He has multiple arrests for home invasions, dangerous drugs, lots of assaults," White said. "If you see Mr. Kidd, please just call 911 and let us know."

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