Maria the Korean Bride
Maria the Korean Bride with "Spam" and Rev. Kahu Renee; Magic Island, Honolulu, HI (May 30, 2010) Maria the Korean Bride

A performance artist Maria Yoon, aka Maria the Korean Bride, married 50 times in every State of the U.S.

Yoon says on her homepage that the Maria the Korean Bride project was designed to bring attention to the social pressure and ostracism that she has endured as a first generation Korean-American unmarried woman. Though it began as a way to rebel against the marriage expectations of her parents, the project has evolved over 8 years to challenge and explore the definition of marriage in the U.S.

Her momentary husbands included women, indigenous people, Black Angus, and thoroughbred horse.

Maria the Korean Bride will be a feature documentary that will include highlights from most of the fifty states where these marriages took place, Yoon says.

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