Marijuana stores have opened up across Massachusetts for recreational use of the substance. However, there are a few restrictions and risks that the users should be aware of. The Cannabis Control Commission has released a few short videos to explain how people can take these products responsibly.

In a post on Twitter, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission asked marijuana users to plan ahead while using cannabis products. The first thing people need to plan for is safe and sober transportation.

Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Hoffman appeared in a video on Twitter to ask people to read the warning labels of marijuana products before consuming any of them. He also pointed out that landlords, employers and municipalities have their own rules when it comes to cannabis use, and users should be aware of them.

Another restriction that marijuana users should be aware of, according to this video on Twitter, is that smoking pot in public is prohibited. Smoking cannabis should also be avoided in all areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

“Start slow, go slow,” is the advice in this video on Twitter. Each individual will have a different tolerance limit to marijuana products, and the Cannabis Control Commission suggests that people start with one serving and see how they feel after a few hours. Users can always take more next time, after judging the effects of the first use.

With selling of cannabis now being allowed, it is important to keep children aware of the dangers of this product. A video on Twitter suggested that this is a good time for parents to have a chat with their kids about cannabis. Tips on how to start the conversation are available at

With marijuana stores opening, the next step is to allow cafes and yoga studios to sell them. According to Biz Journals, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission is now considering giving licenses for public consumption of cannabis. Salem Derby, the chairman of Easthampton’s ordinance committee, said that his town is ready for any pilot program that is being planned in this direction.

A marijuana store opened at Easthampton recently, and Derby also reportedly made a purchase there. He described the town as a “cannabis-forward community.”

Meanwhile, cannabis is turning out to be a great Christmas gift. According to a report by Fox 5, the popular marijuana holiday gifts include chocolates, gummies, cartridges and flowers. Sales are steady for these products, as people are lining up to make their purchases.