A Florida police officer took to Twitter to respond to a strange series of emergency calls that the department was receiving Saturday night. In a video attached to the tweet, Deputy Neal Zalva of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office discusses a man who has repeatedly been calling 911 to report that his roommate has stolen his marijuana.

“All right, so I just received a call. A guy’s calling in saying his roommate stole his weed,” Zalva said in the video. “About $20 worth and he’s upset. He keeps calling 911. So I gotta give him a call and tell him to stop calling about his weed.”

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Florida.

The video was shared as part of the department’s Tweet Along program, which gives Twitter users an inside look at the day-to-day work of Pasco County deputies.

Zalva later shared another video updating followers on the man and his situation.

“I called him to let him know not to call the Sheriff’s office to report his drugs,” Zalva said. “And he started to freak out a little bit on the phone, and then hung up on me shortly after.”

No charges will be filed against the caller. The department’s director of communications said that they simply wanted the man to stop bothering them with his predicament.