Occult filmmaker Seraphim Ward may be facing legal trouble after allegedly spreading false rumors that she and rocker Marilyn Manson were engaged to be married last year.

TMZ reported that the rocker had his lawyers sent Ward a letter threatening to sue the actress and filmmaker because of the claims.

Reports surfaced in April 2012 that Manson and Ward were engaged following a brief courtship, according to Contact Music.

Ward’s publicist confirmed that the couple were engaged, and Ward also shared a photo of a supposed engagement ring on Twitter with the caption, "I am still speechless and in shock!"

Several news outlets reported on the story despite never receiving confirmation from Manson or his reps.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Manson’s lawyers stated that he has had "no romantic or other association" with Ward, and that she will “face legal action if she continues to talk publicly about their relationship.”

In addition, the letter stated that Manson requires Ward to apologize for other false statements she made in the media, including accusing him of being a “racist, Nazi sympathizer.”

According to TMZ, Ward previously dated one of Manson’s bandmates.

There has been no word from Ward on the issue.