Mark McGrath
Mark McGrath at the fifth anniversary of "The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil" show in 2011. The Sugar Ray singer was involved in a death hoax on Thursday. Reuters

Mark McGrath is alive and well! A press release stating that the 46-year-old Sugar Ray singer died went viral Thursday morning, however McGrath refuted the rumor on Twitter.

“Final word on the death hoax thing,” he tweeted Thursday afternoon. “I knew nothing about it and found out the same time you did … sorry about any confusion.”

The false report claimed that McGrath was “shot several times” by a “masked gunman.” The release, which came from a “Los Angeles-based public relations firm,” added that the singer had been on the set of Adult Swim series “Hot Package” when the incident occurred.

In a not-surprising coincidence, Season 2 of “Hot Package” just so happens to premiere Friday, Feb. 27 at 12:30 a.m. EST. However, that doesn’t mean that the series or network is responsible for the death hoax. A spokesperson for Adult Swim released the following statement to E! News:

“This press release did not come from Adult Swim and is not part of any network PR or marketing campaign for the show ‘Hot Package.’”

A follow up press release from the same public relations firm that issued the death announcement clarified that McGrath would be “killed” by a masked gunman in the Season 2 premiere of “Hot Package.”

For those unfamiliar with the Adult Swim series, it’s an entertainment variety show from Canadian comedian Derrick Beckles. “Hot Package” parodies entertainment news shows like “Entertainment Tonight and “Access Hollywood.” McGrath used to co-host NBC’s entertainment news show, “Extra.”