The past haunts everyone. In “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 3, both couples are thinking about people from their past. Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis’ recent struggles make Jamie start to think about her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the thought of having kids with Cortney Hendrix makes Jason Carrion think that he should look for his estranged father.

Doug And Jamie

After thinking about her ex and realizing that she and Doug barely communicate, Jamie decides to call sociologist (and “Married at First Sight” expert) Dr. Pepper Schwartz to figure out what to do. Jamie says she felt more stable in her previous relationship and wonders if she should have married a man like him instead. She also explains that she and Doug have trouble understanding each other’s backgrounds. She doesn’t agree with Doug's letting his parents handle his car payments, but Pepper quickly stops her.

“It’s not fair to project what you think makes an adult to somebody who has a different background,” Dr. Pepper says. The sociologist tells Jamie to be more accepting of different views and stop criticizing so much. She notes that attacking Doug’s adulthood probably doesn’t make him feel good.

Jamie decides to cook Doug’s favorite meal and apologize to him. She asks if he feels that she is too critical, and brings up the subject of his parents' paying for things. She says that she feels slightly embarrassed that his parents do that and thinks they seem annoyed by it. After that, she says she is sorry for being critical, but Doug doesn’t think it’s genuine. Doug wants to talk to Dr. Pepper as well.

In a solo session with the sociologist, Doug says that Jamie still doesn’t trust him. “It felt like I was giving so much. She never stops to ask, ‘Are you OK?’” Doug explains. He says he doesn’t feel loved. Even in their sex life, Jamie still doesn’t initiate sex, and he isn’t sure she is attracted to him. He is questioning the future of their relationship.

When Dr. Pepper sits down with them both at the same time, she notes that Doug has told her to stop when they’ve had conversations about his parents' paying for things. Jamie didn’t stop, and the sociologist calls her behavior abusive. Jamie starts crying.

“If I had known that was abusive behavior, I would never act like that,” she sobs. Jamie didn’t realize how hurt Doug was feeling.

Dr. Pepper also tells Jamie that she needs to be more affectionate. She recommends they go on more date nights and spend more time together just having fun. 

After their session, Jamie meets up with Monet Bell and talks about all of her recent drama. She admits that she has been thinking about her ex, and Monet tells her to shut the ex-boyfriend out of her life. Jamie decides that she has to tell Doug about her feelings.

“I have struggled with almost like comparing you to my ex and still having feelings for him,” Jamie tells her husband. She says that she has wondered if she made the right choice.

Doug is thrown by this unexpected news. Jamie had been talking about a house and a baby, but Doug knows they’ll never get there if she can’t get over her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend. He encourages her to go see her past love if it’ll stop her from second-guessing their relationship.

Cortney Jason MAFS Cortney Hendrix supports Jason Carrion in "Married At First Sight: The First Year" Season 2, Episode 3. Photo: FYI

Jason And Cortney

Jason worries about having kids because his own father left when he was about 10. He isn’t sure he’ll be a good father, but he wants to face his issues. The firefighter doesn’t want to just shut off his emotions to avoid feeling hurt anymore.

“I’ve been thinking that maybe I should reconnect with my dad and his family,” Jason tells his wife. However, he’ll have to find his dad first. He doesn’t know where he is or if he is even alive. Cortney is thrilled for him, and she is ready to help.

Jason goes to his friend Neph to talk about the situation with his father. Neph is shocked that he has half-sisters and half-brothers on his father’s side. Neph doesn’t understand how Jason could call himself an only child.

“Family is people who have been through everything with you,” Jason says. “Family that leaves and just never comes back, that’s not family. I don’t know what that is.”

Neph is offended that he never knew about this situation, and Jason gets angry that he has strong feelings. Jason starts yelling about how Neph can’t understand his situation, and he storms off.

Cortney comforts him and tells him that she isn’t going to push him to find his father. However, if he wants to reconnect with his family, she’ll be there for him.

Neph And Jasmine

“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 is also following Jason’s friend Neph’s relationship. He met Jasmine during a trip to Las Vegas and the two started a relationship. Jasmine is moving to New York from Texas to be with Neph, but they’ll be living with his mother and brothers.

Neph’s mother is trying to help her son learn Spanish since that’s what Jasmine’s family primarily speaks. Unfortunately, Neph doesn’t think he’ll use the phrases his mom writes down, such as, “Can I brush your hair?” However, he hopes that learning a little Spanish will bring him closer to his girlfriend.

With his girlfriend’s impending arrival, Neph is nervous. He goes to the airport to greet Jasmine with flowers, cannoli and a “Brooklyn Welcomes Texas” sign. His girlfriend seems flattered by the warm welcome.

Dr. Pepper tells the cameras that it’s hard to be in a relationship while living with a significant other’s family. Space and privacy will likely cause tension, and it seems like Jasmine and Neph will face those issues. As soon as Jasmine gets into her boyfriend’s room, she notes that she’ll need much more space for her stuff.

“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 4 airs Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 9 p.m. EST on FYI.