Married at First Sight Courtney Hendrix
Courtney Hendrix walks down the aisle to meet her husband for the first time on FYI's "Married at First Sight." A+E Networks

Some people believe in love at first sight, but would they get "Married at First Sight”? FYI’s new series (formerly BIO channel) is trying to answer that question with their new reality show.

Based on a Danish series with the same premise, “Married At First Sight” follows singles who are ready to get married but haven’t found the right match yet. Instead of using a dating website or other avenues, they decide to participate in a social experiment with arranged marriages. Experts set them up with their perfect match, but the twist is they don’t see each other until they are at their wedding.

Who would participate in such an experiment? Meet the cast below:

Doug Hehner

Married at First Sight Doug
Doug Hehner on "Married At First Sight." Karolina Wojtasik/A+E Networks

New Jersey native Doug Hehner describes himself as “the world’s greatest spooner” -- but he just can’t find real love. He has had three long term relationships that didn’t work out. Hehner has also had a series of different jobs, but he is currently a commercial sales rep and a lifeguard.

Courtney Hendrix

Married at First Sight Courtney Hendrix 2
Courtney Hendrix on "Married At First Sight." Karolina Wojtasik/A+E Networks

Courtney Hendrix, a makeup artist, moved from North Carolina to New York City to pursue her career. In addition to her job as a makeup artist, Hendrix is also a burlesque performer. She might have a wild side, but she also is religious. The cast member believes she cannot find love because she focuses on herself and previous boyfriends have cheated on her.

Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight Jaime Otis
Jamie Otis on "Married At First Sight." A+E Networks

Jamie Otis will be familiar to reality television fans. She has appeared on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad” looking for love but has yet to find it. Otis is a part-time host and a labor and delivery nurse from Harlem. She comes from a troubled family and eventually took custody of her siblings at age 19. The reality TV vet credits her failed relationships to her distrusting nature and perfectionism.

Jason Carrion

Married at First Sight Jason Carrion
Jason Carrion on "Married At First Sight." A+E Networks

Jason Carrion is an EMT and firefighter trainee. Carrion lives in Brooklyn, where he cares for his mother, who has stage-four lung cancer. He is her primary caregiver. The "Married At First Sight" cast member admits he tends to date girls with who he knows he doesn’t have a future.

Monet Bell

Married at First Sight Bell
Monet Bell on "Married At First Sight." Karolina Wojtasik/A+E Networks

Cleveland native Monet Bell, now a resident of New York City, is a product development manager in the fashion industry. Four years ago, her father passed away, and now she is looking for man with similar alpha male qualities. Bell has had two long term relationships, but she has remained single for five years. She credits her failed relationships to her trust issues with both herself and others.

Vaughn Copeland

Married at First Sight Copeland
Vaughn Copeland on "Married at First Sight." A+E Networks

After serving 11 years in the Air Force, Vaughn Copeland is now a field service technician in Long Island. Copeland had a five-year long distance relationship that was on and off, but now he wants something permanent. He describes himself as “OCD” in relationships and sticks to traditional gender roles.

"Married At First Sight" premieres July 8 at 9 p.m. EDT on FYI. Will you tune in to see the arranged marriages? Comment with your opinions.