“Married at First Sight” participants have to get to know each other fast. Though they’ve been married for three weeks, they still have plenty to learn about each other’s pasts. In Season 8, episode 9 of the Lifetime reality series, Dr. Jessica Griffin had the couples to introduce their spouses to a part of their past, which brought up some issues for a few people.

Kristine and Keith

Keith opens up about his dad, who is visiting this weekend. Keith says he wasn’t the best dad when he was growing up, so he wants to be different. Kristine understands that Keith’s dad has some issues, but she also knows that she should still meet him and accept him into the family.

Kristine talks about her controlling ex-fiancé, who expected her to cook, clean and have his babies because he was paying the bills. As she talks, she realizes that she is still doing all the cooking and a lot of cleaning in this relationship even though Keith once said he’d tackle the cleaning if she cooked.

Kristine talks to him about their dynamic. Keith says he didn’t realize how many dishes there would be. Kristine says she doesn’t feel like this arrangement is working out. She feels like it’s old-fashioned to expect her to cook three meals a day.

“It’s just such a throwback mindset. It's almost sexist and it bothers me,” she says

She tells Keith that she wants him to cook more, and he doesn’t seem thrilled with that idea. They talk to Dr. Jessica about their argument, and Keith says food is how he feels loved and taken care of. Kristine, however, feels that expecting three meals a day is a bit much.

Keith explains that he didn’t grow up with a father figure, so he was surrounded by women who cooked for him. But he also took care of his dad as he struggled, so Dr. Jessica points out that he had to grow up a little too fast in some ways. She says it’s through other relationships that he can heal from that. It’s an eye-opener for both Keith and Kristine. She’s more empathetic for her husband and understands why he wants to feel taken care of. She says she’ll have more patience.

They go out to dinner, and they’re supposed to meet Keith’s dad. He’s running late, but Keith doesn’t seem surprised. Kristine hates seeing her husband let down.

MAFS Kristine and Keith
Kristine and Keith divulged information about their pasts in "Married at First Sight" Season 8, episode 9. Lifetime

Kate and Luke

Luke takes Kate to Lavallette, New Jersey, his hometown. He takes her to the water and tells her he spent all of his time here as a kid. Kate says it’s the first time she has actually felt like his wife.

Kate seems to get along with Luke’s parents, who share endearing stories about their son. Again, Kate sees a happy future with her husband, but it’s important to remember that Luke is the one who has always been hesitant. There wasn’t much commentary from him throughout this episode of “Married at First Sight.”

Luke’s mom talks to Kate about her son, and she asks Kate what “the least” is that she wants out of this situation. She hopes they at least leave friends and remain respectful. Her mother-in-law asks Kate if she feels like she’s put forth her best effort and Kate says she has. Kate is a little worried that her mother-in-law’s questions seem to indicate that she doesn’t think this will work out.

Stephanie and AJ

These two have a personal chat about their pasts. Stephanie opens up about getting laid off while AJ speaks about a motorcycle accident he was in where he thought he’d died. He decided to live life to the fullest after that.

Stephanie brings AJ to her parents’ house. AJ admits that he isn’t sure he ever felt comfortable with any of his exes’ families, but he wants to put in the effort for Stephanie because they’re married. He talks to them without his wife there about his background and her parents seem to accept him.

“Even with decision day four weeks away, I feel like I’m going to be calling Steph my wife for the rest of my life,” AJ tells the cameras.

Jasmine and Will

Will brings Jasmine to the neighborhood where he grew up. He takes her to the community center and shows her the playground. She realizes that she and Will had different upbringings. Jasmine realizes that Will grew up in poverty.

Jasmine brings Will to her Aunt Susie and Uncle Joe’s house for some food. She used to spend a lot of time at their house, and they tell Will how close they are as a family. Jasmine certainly didn’t expect her Aunt Susie to tell her to listen to Will because he’s the man of the house.

Jasmine brings up the bills again. Will believes they should be split down the middle while his wife believes she should pay more. Susie does not take a side. She says they have to put work into the marriage because what they put in is what they’ll get back.

“Married at First Sight” Season 8 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.