The honeymoon is supposed to be relaxing for most couples, but it’s pretty stressful for the “Married at First Sight” newlyweds. In a clip from Tuesday’s episode, Dave and Amber’s dance class will take a turn for the worst.

In a sneak-peek video exclusive to International Business Times (seen above), it looks like all is fine in Dave and Amber’s salsa lesson on the Lifetime reality show. Once the instructor dictates that they should “start dancing in a couple way,” Dave’s patience seems to be cut short.

“It’s hot out. There’s not much of a breeze. It’s very uncomfortable. I’m sweating. I just don’t like anything about what’s going on,” he tells the “Married at First Sight” cameras.

He and Amber are seen dancing. While it’s obviously hot outside (Dave is covered in sweat), it seems like they’re picking up the moves the instructor is showing them. Still, Dave makes it clear to Amber that he’s not really having fun.

MAFS Amber Dave "Married at First Sight" couple Dave and Amber had a rough salsa lesson during their honeymoon. Photo: Lifetime/Valerie Chiang

He elaborates when he talks to the cameras. “It’s embarrassing and not something that I enjoy doing. So right now, I regret agreeing to do it,” he admits.

“Watching Dave overreact today, it’s hard for me to see,” Amber says. “We’re supposed to be doing this to bond and have a good time, and I’m feeling just really uncomfortable.”

On the bright side, a fight about dance lessons isn’t as big a problem as learning someone filed stalking charges against your new spouse. Amber and Dave definitely won’t have the most dramatic moments this week. Season 7, episode 5 will also show the fallout after Tristan learns that Mia may not have been telling the whole truth when she said the stalking and credit card fraud charges were a case of mistaken identity.

In a trailer for the new episode, Tristan and Mia are seen going in to meet with the three experts to talk about the future of their marriage. “She lied to me, and I feel betrayed,” Tristan says.

“Married at First Sight” Season 7, episode 5 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.