Married to Medicine
Simone Whitmore, Jacqueline Walters, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb Lunceford, Heavenly Kimes, and Contessa Metcalfe are cast members on “Married to Medicine” Season 5. Mark Hill/Bravo

“Married to Medicine” cast members Quad Webb Lunceford and Mariah Huq have not been friends for quite some time, but in a new sneak peek of Season 5, episode 12, it’s clear that there is little chance that these ladies will ever be friends again.

Quad and Mariah, who were once thick as thieves, had a major falling out in the earlier seasons, when Mariah began accusing Quad of allowing fame to change her.

As a last ditch effort to save their friendship, the ladies were supposed to meet up in a neutral setting but Quad brought several friends along, leaving Mariah feeling ambushed.

After that, the two could never seem to get their friendship back on track and their failure to remain cordial will continue in a new episode of the Bravo series.

In an exclusive clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Quad, Mariah, and several other friends are on a boat when the calm conversation turns into an explosive argument.

In the sneak peek, Mariah calls out the women on the boat and accuses them of allowing Quad to do whatever she wants without receiving any grief, yet they call her out on any little thing she does.

“I’m fine, they don’t mind me being around, long as I just don’t breathe,” Mariah says during the conversation.

“Honestly, it’s not that,” Quad responds.

The doctor then explains Mariah shouldn’t feel attacked just because someone calls her out on her wrongdoings.

“But no one calls you out on yours!” Mariah fires back.

“Let’s talk about that. Everybody feels like they gotta walk on eggshells with you, ‘cause you the youngest and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. And that’s the truth. Ask ‘em,” she encourages Quad.

Before Quad can respond, co-star Simone Whitmore chimes in, admitting Quad does receive special treatment. “We have taken it a lot easier on Quad than we have on each other, ‘cause we know that she’s sensitive.”

However, that answer isn’t good enough for either Mariah, who doesn’t believe that’s fair, or Quad, who believes she never got a break from the group on anything she’s ever done.

When Quad begins to defend herself, Simone begins to yell in her face, accusing her of placing herself on a pedestal.

While it’s unclear how the argument will end, it seems like Quad may have just burned another bridge.

“Married to Medicine” Season 5 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.