• Sony held the PlayStation Showcase Thursday
  • Insomniac Games announced "Marvel's Wolverine" at the event
  • The upcoming game might release as a PS5-exclusive title

Logan, the iconic Marvel Comic character known for his adamantium claws and self-healing ability, is featured in the upcoming game "Marvel's Wolverine" developed by Insomniac Games, the same team behind "Spider-Man" and "Ratchet & Clank."

Sony unveiled "Marvel's Wolverine" in a surprising announcement at the most recent PlayStation Showcase. According to Insomniac Games, it is currently in its early stage of development.

The game is scheduled to launch on Sony's new-generation gaming console PS5 and may also be playable on PlayStation 4 via backward compatibility.

Insomniac Games also shared a brief teaser trailer of the game. The clip opens with the view of a decimated tavern, with its unconscious patrons scattered on the floor and on a table. There are broken objects all around, suggesting an intense fight just wrapped up. James Carr's "The Dark End of the Street" plays in the background.

Wolverine can then be seen drinking calmly at the refectory table. An opponent attempts to sneak up on him, but he suddenly draws his claws.

Marvel's Wolverine Announcement Teaser | PS5
Marvel's Wolverine from Insomniac Games YouTube Screenshot/Marvel UK YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, the teaser does not include any gameplay footage, probably because the game is still in its early stage of development. Yet, it seems to feature some Easter eggs.

Behind the bar where Logan is drinking, there's a license plate that reads, "HLK-181." Some fans believe this is a reference to "The Incredible Hulk" Issue 181, where Wolverine first appeared, causing the two Marvel icons conflict.

Insomniac Games earlier confirmed "Marvel's Wolverine" and "Marvel's Spider-Man" could be connected in the same universe. Therefore, the Easter egg is not really a surprise if the developer is indeed creating a much larger universe for its games.

Moreover, a new PlayStation blog revealed "Marvel's Wolverine" is a standalone title. It is reportedly directed by Cameron Christian and Brian Horton. Fans can recall that Christian was the creative lead for "Miles Morales."

Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy and studio relations at Insomniac Games, revealed the game is off to a great start in the said blog post.

"Even though Marvel's Wolverine is very early in development, from what I've seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?), the team is already creating something truly special," Schneider said.

As of now, there is no release window or date available for the upcoming title. In fact, the trailer's final title card simply reads, "In development for PlayStation 5."