A six-vehicle car crash Saturday in North Las Vegas left nine people dead and several injured. It was the deadliest crash in the area in recent history, according to North Las Vegas Police.

“We have not seen a mass-casualty traffic collision like this before,” Alexander Cuevas, public information officer for the North Las Vegas Police, told reporters on Saturday.

According to police, a Dodge Charger was speeding at around 3 p.m. and ran a red light. The sedan hit multiple vehicles.

"And, with that, it struck multiple vehicles and, unfortunately, it was a chaotic event," Cuevas said.

The driver and the driver's passenger were among the nine dead in the crash. There were 15 people involved in the crash.

Police have called the crash a “mass-casualty” collision. The National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday that it is sending a go-team to investigate the crash and will coordinate with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The victims are still people being identified by the coroner.

Pamela A. Goynes-Brown, a member of the North Las Vegas City Council, released a statement that read: "Our thoughts and our prayers are with the families who are experiencing a tremendous and unnecessary loss due to a careless, senseless act.”