• The girl was rushed to a hospital after intubation difficulties at the first attempt
  • She underwent emergency surgery Wednesday
  • The massive ovarian tumor was removed after a four-hour-long surgery

A team of doctors has successfully removed a massive 2.3-pound tumor from a 16-year-old girl's ovary during life-saving surgery.

The girl was rushed to Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) in the northeastern Indian state of Assam last week in critical condition after intubation difficulties at the first attempt, reported Sentinel Assam.

The girl reportedly complained of breathing problems Wednesday morning. Emergency surgery was then performed while she was on ventilator support.

Following a four-hour-long critical surgery, the massive ovarian tumor was successfully removed.

"Our senior doctor Karuna Das successfully resuscitated and intubated her after a technically challenging maneuver. It was densely adherent and had a large fluid mass making the girl's daily life very difficult and she had to undergo a life-saving emergency operation," Dr. Sanjiv Kakati of AMCH told news agency Press Trust of India.

After the surgery, the hospital's official Twitter handle came up with a thread detailing the procedure and acknowledging the health care professionals and offices behind the successful operation.

"We are happy to share that today our emergency Gynecology and Anesthesia team successfully removed an ovarian mass of around 30 KG from a 16-year-old girl after a very challenging surgery," it began.

Wrapping up the thread, the hospital wished the girl a fast recovery and left the public with an important reminder. "We wish speedy recovery of our young patient as she successfully overcome [sic] a difficult time," it said. "Never ignore an abdominal mass."

The girl's vitals are stable and she is currently under observation.

The ovaries are made up of three kinds of cells, each of which can develop into a different type of tumor. The cells that cover the outer surface of the ovary turn into epithelial tumors, while those that produce the eggs can become germ cell tumors. As for the cells that hold the ovary together, they can transform into stromal tumors.

Some of these tumors are non-cancerous and never spread beyond the ovary. However, cancerous or borderline tumors can metastasize to other parts of the body and can be deadly.

Earlier this month, a massive facial tumor was removed from a 6-year-old girl's face in a lifesaving 12-hour surgery that was conducted by a team of doctors in New York. Doctors said the tumor had limited the girl's ability to breathe or swallow and could have been fatal if not removed.

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