“MasterChef” is back with its 10th season, and it all kicks off with the premiere episode AKA part one of the auditions tonight on Fox.

Chef Gordon Ramsay returns as a judge, as do chef Aarón Sánchez, who joined in Season 8, and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, who’s been part of the show since Season 1, only taking Seasons 6-8 off.

In the Season 10 premiere (“The Epic 10th Season Auditions – Pt. 1”), dozens of home cooks head into the “MasterChef” kitchen to whip up a dish for the judges in the hopes of making it into the Top 20.

Some of the auditions will be saved for episode 2 (“Auditions – Pt. 2 / Battle Round”) next week, which will feature the last batch of contestants battling it out for a white apron and the reveal of the full Top 20.

Here are all of the home cooks auditioning for a spot in the Top 20, with some of them appearing in tonight’s premiere and others showing up in episode 2:

masterchef s10 premiere “MasterChef” Season 10 starts up on Fox on Wednesday. Photo: Fox

Brielle Gunderson

Hometown: Phoenix

Profession: Stay-At-Home Mom

David Ke

Hometown: Folsom, California

Profession: Electrical Engineer

Fred Chang

Hometown: Redondo Beach, California

Profession: Revenue Analyst

Sarah Faherty

Hometown: San Diego

Profession: Former Army Interrogator

Deanna Colon

Hometown: Simi Valley, California

Profession: Vocal Coach

Camerron Dangerfield

Hometown: Atlanta

Profession: Product Analyst

Dorian Hunter

Hometown: Cartersville, Georgia

Profession: Creeler

Noah Sims

Hometown: Epworth, Georgia

Profession: Septic Systems Foreman

Algean Garner II

Hometown: Chicago

Profession: Clinical Psychologist

Luca Schifanella

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Profession: Scientist

Kenny Palazzolo

Hometown: Boston

Profession: Carpenter

Liz Linn

Hometown: Durand, Michigan

Profession: Events Consultant

Micah Yaroch

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Profession: Kitchen Porter

Vivian Aronson

Hometown: Minneapolis

Profession: Yoga Instructor

Windy Ross

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Profession: Child Protection Supervisor

Manjula Sarkar

Hometown: Somerset, New Jersey

Profession: HR Director

Wuta Onda

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Profession: English Teacher

Evan Tesiny

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Profession: Sales Coordinator

Kimberly White

Hometown: New York

Profession: Shoe Designer

Lydia Carlston

Hometown: New York

Profession: Model

Shari Mukherjee

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Profession: Stay-At-Home Mom

Charli Spiegel

Hometown: Troy, New York

Profession: Bartender

Subha Ramiah

Hometown: West Nyack, New York

Profession: R&D Director

Renee Rice

Hometown: Ada, Oklahoma

Profession: Receptionist

Sam Haaz

Hometown: Philadelphia

Profession: Attorney

Michael Silverstein

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Profession: Real Estate Flipper

Nick DiGiovanni

Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island

Profession: College Student

Jason Keefe

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Profession: Truck Contractor

Jamie Hough

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Profession: Fisherman

Anthony Rivera

Hometown: Summerville, South Carolina

Profession: Telecom Service Manager

Ari Goodstein

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Profession: Sales Manager

Allen Soriano

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Profession: Entrepreneur

Bri Baker

Hometown: Dallas

Profession: Cocktail Server

Mollie Guerra

Hometown: Dallas

Profession: Account Manager

Sabina Pincus

Hometown: Dallas

Profession: Software Sales

Keturah King

Hometown: London

Profession: Freelance Writer

“MasterChef” Season 10 premieres on Fox on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT.