Things are about to get twisted in the upcoming Season 3 premiere of “Masters of Sex.” An all-new poster and teaser trailer hints that Dr. Bill Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) are adding a bed mate into their mix.

Season 3 opens just after the research couple published their findings in 1966. Academics and journalists look skeptical, but Johnson addresses their allegations of riding the cultural zeitgeist: “we are the sexual revolution.” Although Masters and Johnson have stayed largely out of the spotlight, their book becomes such an in-demand hit that the two must promote and “take the show on the road.”

But that’s not all that’s in-demand. Dr. Masters’ wife, Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald), is featured prominently on both the poster and the trailer. On the Twister-themed poster, Libby is tugging on Bill’s coat while Johnson has his bowtie in-between her fingers.

In the trailer, Johnson and Libby are seen in bed, mid-kiss. Libby tells her husband’s partner, “I’ve always wondered what it felt like — with you.” The highs and lows of the Season 3 relationship dynamic were hinted at as early as an Entertainment Weekly interview with showrunner Michelle Ashford last September, but now it looks like the pieces are coming together.

The new trailer also reveals more about new character Daniel Logan. According to Variety, Logan is a sleazy salesman who sees dollar signs out of the Masters and Johnson’s study and will attempt to market aphrodisiacs using their data. Logan will be portrayed by former “The Good Wife” actor Josh Charles.

Fan favorites Allison Janney and Beau Bridges were announced to return to the show in March. The pair played Margaret and Barton Scully in Season 1, but dropped off early in Season 2. Earlier on the show, Barton had struggled with hiding his homosexuality while Margaret discovered orgasms for the first time through an affair. She had forbidden Dr. Masters to visit her husband after Masters was fired from the hospital Barton ran.

“Masters of Sex” Season 3 premieres July 12 on Showtime.