Masters Of Sex
“Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 6 “Family Only” showed the shocking death of a character. Showtime

Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” rarely kills off any characters, but when it does, it’s sure to impact all the other characters. Season 4, episode 6 saw [spoiler alert!] Betty’s (Annaleigh Ashford) pregnant girlfriend dying after Dr. Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) performed a caesarian on her with the help of Dr. William “Bill” Masters (Michael Sheen). Two of the best obstetrician’s in the country couldn’t save Helen (Sarah Silverman). While the baby was delivered safe and sound, Helen developed a clotting problem which led to her untimely demise.

The episode ended with Helen’s parents whisking away with the new born child who is also Betty’s daughter while she watched. Given that Betty isn’t married to Helen (since gay couples can’t marry yet) and that she isn’t a family member, the witty secretary had no right to see or take her child home. It was a heart wrenching scene. Will Betty see her child again?

“Masters Of Sex” creator, Michelle Ashford, told Entertainment Weekly that Betty is going to get a long story in Season 4. However, there will be a silver of happiness down the line for the hardworking office manager. “So what we’re going to watch is how she [Betty] actually subverts a system that has nothing but roadblocks and actually finds a way to end up with the most bizarre family imaginable,” she explained.

Although Helen was only supposed to be on “Masters Of Sex” for a few episodes, Ashford explained that they wanted Betty to have a proper love interest rather than have the former prostitute sleep with several partners. “What we wanted to show is ultimately that Betty and Helen were women of substance and commitment to one another,” she explained, “They were trying to do something in an age when there was hardly any roadmap for this.”

While Betty tries to get her child back, Bill has started to realize that he is obsessed with Virginia/Gini (Lizzy Caplan) and treats his addiction to her by going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Ashford also explains in the interview that Virginia and Bill have flipped personalities in Season 4. In the beginning, “Masters Of Sex” showed Bill as the cold, rude, arrogant doctor while Gini was seen as a friendly, likable and emphatic secretary. Over time, they flipped personalities.

Bill is also confused about his feelings for Virginia – is she good for him? Does she really love him? Is she someone he can trust?

However, Ashford shared a good news about Bill and Gini shippers. “If you’re invested in Bill and Virginia as a couple, the best is yet to come for sure.”

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.