Masters Of Sex
“Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 9 saw Bill and Virginia reevaluate their relationship. The Showtime series is airing its Season 4 finale next week. Showtime

Showtime’s sexual drama reached a peak in Season 4, episode 9. “Masters Of Sex” kicked off right where episode 8 left off with Dr. William “Bill” Masters reuniting after a long separation with Virginia “Gini” Johnson. Things took an unexpected turn in Sunday’s episode.

Here’s what happened in “Night And Day”:

The Doctor And His Work Wife Are Back

Remember how Gini (Lizzy Caplan) acted like Bill’s (Michael Sheen) work wife in previous seasons of “Masters Of Sex”? Episode 9 saw them behave exactly like that but the only difference is that Bill is now humbler. Add to that, he is trying to make sense of what is happening between them. They don’t have to hide their relationship anymore and neither of them is married. So what kind of relationship will they have now?

Virginia Learns More About Her Parents’ Marriage

While Bill ponders over his and Virginia’s relationship, the psychologist has problems of her own to deal with. Remember how Gini chanced upon her father attending a seminar for singles on sex? Well, her parents dropped by to visit her and her child Lisa. But her father had a hidden agenda.

Gini’s dad asks her to help rekindle his marriage with his wife. At first, she is shocked to hear that they are having problems in bed. But she realizes that she cannot watch her parents’ marriage fall apart in front of her eyes. So she decides to help.

Unfortunately, Gini needs to convince her mother to sign up for the treatment. When she tries to coax her mother, she learns the truth: Her father was unfaithful in their marriage. He cheated on her for six years.

Gini is appalled and has a conversation with her father wherein she confronts him. Did he really cheat on mom? Yes, he did. But who is she to judge him? After all, Virginia has slept with Bill and Dan (Josh Charles) at a time when they both were married. Even she was unfaithful in her marriage to her first husband.

Gini lectures her father on the importance of marriage and the hollowness that you experience in one night stands. Then she realizes that maybe it’s a marriage that she wants with Bill!


Louise Has Become An Alcoholic

While one couple may be on the path to marital bliss, another is struggling to keep it from crumbling. Louise Bell (Niecy Nash) has fallen off the bandwagon. After unsuccessfully jumpstarting her sex life, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) chairperson spends all her days and nights in bars. At AA, another chairperson takes her place.

Bill is concerned and learns from her husband (Corey Reynolds) that she started drinking the same week they started the treatment.

Finally, in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 9, the sex researcher finds Louise in a bar. He tells her that she can just walk away from her marriage but she refuses to do so. After all, she was the one who crashed the car and made him paralyzed. She wants to stay in the marriage, even if it means punishing herself.

Art Finally Finds Out The Truth About Nancy

Art (Jeremy Strong) and Nancy (Betty Giplin) are super excited to start their own sex therapy clinic in New York. However, when Bill and Gini return from their investigations into fraudulent clinics in Topeka that employ their methods and terminologies, they give the married couple non-disclosure agreements.

This means that Art and Nancy can’t start their own practices and use the sex researchers’ techniques to cure patients of sexual dysfunctions. This will, of course, be a problem.

Fortunately, the couple doesn’t care and Nancy convinces Art that they deserve a fresh start. One in which they are monogamous.

Speaking of monogamous, Nancy tells Art she is pregnant but it could be anybody’s baby. Despite Art being okay with raising a child that isn’t his – he wants to start a family desperately – Nancy persuades him that she would rather raise a child that she is sure is his.

Nancy meets Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) and gets the name of a doctor that can perform an abortion. She gets her unborn child aborted.

Art meets Barton in the lift and he tells him that he’s “Sorry.” Art can’t resist anymore and uses the private room to hear the conversation Nancy had with Barton. He needs to know the truth about why she doesn’t want to keep a child.

Shockingly, Art learns that Nancy doesn’t want a child ever. She didn’t even want to get married to him. She loves him but she wants the option to leave him at any time. Having a baby closes that door/option to leave permanently. Poor Art.


Bill And Virginia Are Getting Married?

At the end of “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 9, Bill and Virginia confess that they are scared of what they are becoming. The couple has never ever been the kind to watch the news together or eat breakfast. The two agreed to get married to each other.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime. Next week is the Season 4 finale.