Masters Of Sex
Virginia works with Nancy while Bill partners up with Art in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 7. Showtime

After the heart wrenching, tear-jerking episode that aired last week on Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” in Season 4, Sunday’s episode dealt with the aftermath of Helen’s (Sarah Silverman) death after she gave birth to her and Betty’s (Annaleigh Ashford) daughter. Episode 7 had less shocking twists as the drama series’ storyline progressed gradually.

Here’s what happened in Season 4, episode 7 “In To Me You See”:

Betty Prepares For A Battle

Never one to back down from a battle, Betty spoke to a lawyer and came up with a brilliant plan to get custody of Helen’s daughter. Dr. Austin Langham (Teddy Sears) has been sorely missed on Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex.” The doctor, who now owns a strip club, met Betty’s lawyer. He explained to the biological father of Helen’s child that he can file a petition for sole custody of her daughter.

Then, Betty can get married to Dr. Langham. She can divorce him and get custody of the child since he is an unfit parent. Initially skeptical, the handsome doctor agrees to do it for Helen’s sake.

Bill Pairs Up With Art

In light of Art (Jeremy Strong) lying to his wife Nancy (Betty Gilpin) about sleeping with Virginia/Gini (Lizzy Caplan), Gini tells Dr. William “Bill” Masters (Michael Sheen) that she no longer feels comfortable working with him. She suggests that she works with Bill and Art and Nancy work together.

Bill says that it isn’t a good idea since both of them aren’t experienced or trained like them. So he suggests that she work with Nancy and he work with Art.

While Nancy and Virginia aren’t having any fun working together and frequently arguing, Bill certainly sees something special in Art. Given his experience working with McKinsey, Dr. Masters thinks that his perspective is unique. While they helped a man, who may be homosexual, achieve an erection with his wife, Art tells Bill that it could be possible for him to be attracted to both men and women. Sexuality is a fluid concept.

Art speaks to this patient and successfully helps him achieve an erection with his wife. This leads to Dr. Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) barging in and declaring that this is conversion therapy. Art and Barton argue while Bill realizes that there is no data on homosexuality. In fact, it seems like the world wasn’t even aware that there are people who attracted to both sexes in the late 1960s. No one has heard the term bisexual till now.

Bill realizes that this is an opportunity to study homosexuality and record data. He orders Art to be charge of the study.

And Nancy Works With Virginia

Meanwhile, Gini and Nancy work with a couple. However, this so-called couple knows all the terms related to sexual dysfunction. Virginia easily guesses that this isn’t an actual couple and true enough, it isn’t. They are actually sex therapists.

Enraged, Gini reports to Bill that she has learned that there are many such people posing as sex therapists. In fact, none of these therapists have the credentials or experience to treat sexual dysfunctions.

Nancy And Gini Attend A Seminar

Bill tells Gini and Nancy to investigate and collect data by attending a sex therapy session. They do, but tensions run high between them. Gini still dominates over her and Nancy is unhappy working with a woman she once admired.

Finally, Gini spills the beans about Art to Nancy in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 7. She tells her that her husband isn’t happy with their open marriage and hates it when he sleeps with other men. Nancy is devastated because Art never told her about it but chose to tell Virginia.

Enter Dody

“Masters Of Sex” introduced the love of Bill’s life – Dody (Kelli O’Hara). While delivering pizza to Betty and consoling her over the loss of Helen, Bill told her about Dody, a woman he loved very much in college.

Masters said that they were madly in love and he felt like himself around Dody. So, when she got sick and ended up in the hospital, he sent her a bunch of flowers along with a note. The note asked her to marry him. However, when he returned to the hospital to pick her up, she was very cold towards him. He dropped her home and never saw or heard from her again.

Betty asks the surgeon why he didn’t ask her the reason she didn’t respond to her proposal. Bill realizes that he never asked her why so he wrote her a letter. In it, he just introduced himself.

Dody received the letter and called him from a bathroom in her house. She tells Bill that she’s happy to hear from him. Before Bill can ask her why she left him, her husband arrives and she hastily hangs up.

Later, she calls him and tells him that they should get together again. Bill agrees and they arrange to meet at a restaurant that is halfway from Topeka to St. Louis. Dody stays in Topeka.

Unfortunately, at the agreed upon date and time, Dody’s husband shows up and tells him to back off. Bill clears the air and tells him that he simply wants to catch up with her.
Then Dody’s husband claims that it was Bill who left her and not the other way around. Bill is confused and so are we.

Bill Heads To Topeka

Gini arrives at Bill’s house and insists that they must investigate these fraudulent sex therapists that are using their techniques to treat sexual dysfunctions. There are three such large clinics and one is in Topeka. Bill, still confused about why Dody thinks he left her, picks Topeka.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.