Match Made in Heaven
Stevie Baggs chose the winner of “Match Made In Heaven” Season 2 Thursday night. WE tv

Stevie Baggs has found his “Match Made In Heaven.”

Season 2 of the WE tv reality series came to an end Thursday night with the former football player turned businessman choosing the woman he wants to be with. It was a tough decision for the bachelor, who fell in love with three amazing ladies. However, he could only walk away hand-in-hand with one — Christina.

Christina took to Twitter after the finale aired to respond to excited fans. “Thanks everybody,” she captioned an image of text, which also thanked her followers for “all the love and well wishes.”

After breaking things off with Roxie, viewers thought Stevie was going to get down on one knee to propose to Kimmy. However, after giving a speech about how she’s his “dream girl,” Stevie ultimately revealed that he couldn’t continue his journey with her. That left Christina, the 28-year-old professional dancer from Houston, Texas.

The two developed a special relationship and connected on a spiritual level. However, things weren’t always solid between them. When Christina first joined the series she was a bit closed off, having never experienced being in love with someone. Stevie’s mom, Lola, feared that Christina wouldn’t be able to open up to her son, but Christina became more forthcoming as their relationship progressed. She even told Stevie that she was in love with him on their final solo date.

Stevie entered the Season 2 finale of “Match Made in Heaven” with an engagement ring. However, he didn’t propose to Christina. Instead he showed her the ring, explaining that he can see a future with her, but wants more time to meet her family and get to know her.

The duo may have gone off to celebrate with Lola, Pastor Ken and host Sherri Shepherd at the end of the finale — but are they still together? That’s the question on the minds of fans now. Stevie tweeted “I choose you” at Christina, but his beau did not reply. The couple have not shared photos of each other or any updates on their lives post-filming.