Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) was berated by Twitter users on Monday after posting a joke about President Donald Trump’s fight with coronavirus.

Gaetz’s tweet touched on Trump’s ability to beat COVID-19 and compared his toughness to the strength of martial arts actor Chuck Norris, causing “Chuck Norris” to trend on the social media platform. The tweet read, “President Trump won’t have to recover from COVID. COVID will have to recover from President Trump. #MAGA.”

Twitter was quick to call out Gaetz for the comparison in what some social media users said was a misuse of a joke involving the actor that was popularized in 2005.

Other users criticized Gaetz for his support of Trump.

Some made it known that they thought the joke was in poor taste since the virus has claimed the lives of over 1 million people globally to date.

But not everyone was against the quip. One Twitter account posted that Trump is not the only politician with strength, comparing Democrats to martial arts actor Bruce Lee.

Twitter users also made mention of Norris’ fate in the 1972 movie “The Way of the Dragon.”

Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 late last week. The President is due to be released from Walter Reed National Military Hospital on Monday evening and will be treated by the White House medical unit.

Norris Chuck Actor Chuck Norris is pictured. Photo: Reuters