"The Bachelor" alum Matt James has revealed why he decided to release a book in an interview for E! News' "Daily Pop."

The 30-year-old reality star said he needed to talk about things that didn't make it to the show's final cut, so he worked on the book titled "First Impressions: Off Screen Conversations With a Bachelor on Race, Family and Forgiveness," which hit the bookstands on May 3.

"I just feel like after everything I have gone through, I want to put perspective...you know, if you go through an experience like what I went through, towards the end of it, you realize that you're not the EP or the editor so the story that's coming out isn't how you imagined it and lived it," James told hosts Justin Sylvester, Bobby Berk and Loni Love on Wednesday.

"So once I saw everything play out, it just didn't sit right with my spirit. It was a lot of me just wanting to get my side of the story," he continued.

The hosts then pressed the former football player for the reason why his girlfriend, former "The Bachelor" alum Rachael Kirkconnell, seemed "more nervous than him" about the release of his debut book.

"I was raw. There were a lot of things that I talked about; that I shared on the show that never made it to everybody else's television boxes," James answered. "I'm hoping that they can resonate with my story a little bit more once they've seen and felt everything I've gone through."

James also revealed in the interview that he has always seen marriage as the endgame of his relationship with Kirkconnell.

"I think marriage is always the endgame at my stage of the game," the reality star said. "I'm not in the business of wasting anybody's time, and I think the good thing about our relationship is we go at our own pace. And you've seen with other couples — they force the engagement and they're not together anymore. So, I think what we got is a working recipe and we're gonna get there."

James met Kirkconnell on the 25th season of the show, where he starred as the series' first Black lead.

rachael and matt james
Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James in the season premiere of "The Bachelor." ABC