• Zombie Awareness Month was started by The Zombie Research Society in 2007
  • The aim was to educate people about zombies 
  • Even the CDC has some tips on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse

May is Zombie Awareness Month. Let's get all our favorite zombie flicks and use the occasion to learn more about the living dead.

On Zombie Awareness Month, the focus is to raise awareness about zombies and a potential zombie apocalypse in the future, Awareness Days said.

The event was established in 2007 by The Zombie Research Society, which focuses on the "historic, cultural, and scientific" study of zombies. According to the organization, it chose May because many zombie films were set in that month.

"In addition, the sense of hope, renewal and optimism that the spring season brings gives a contrast to the darkness of a zombie apocalypse," the organization noted.

How to observe Zombie Awareness Month

What does one do during Zombie Awareness Month? It's "the perfect time" to celebrate and enjoy your favorite zombie content, whether it's in the form of a movie, series, video game or book, The Zombie Research Society said.

"We encourage you to have fun while researching the science of the living dead," the organization said. "Our organization is actually dedicated to education; which is why our official Advisory Board of academics and scholars originally founded this event."

One simple way to observe the month is by wearing a gray ribbon. "The gray ribbon signifies the shadows that lurk behind the light of day," the organization said.

People can also try to learn more about zombies by researching their origins or perhaps about their presence in different cultures.

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse

Most of us already have some idea on what to do during a zombie apocalypse or how to prepare for it, thanks to a long list of zombie movies and series. Interestingly, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some tips for zombie apocalypse preparedness.

In a blogpost, the agency stressed the importance of having an emergency kit that includes vital supplies such as water, food, medications and tools. Make sure to have important documents and first aid supplies ready. Once that's done, it would be wise to discuss an emergency plan with the family members, including where they can meet up, what to do and mapping out an evacuation route.

These tips would also work for other emergencies such as natural disasters, the CDC said.

The Zombie Research Society also offers zombie survival tips like how to protect your vehicle from zombies and how to store your food.

People dressed as zombies participate in Zombiecon, an annual zombie crawl or march through the streets of Manhattan, in New York, on Oct. 16, 2010. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images