Mazda is set to show off an electric vehicle during the coming month’s Tokyo motor show according to Automotive News. 

The automaker revealed plans to unveil the EV next year and eventually electrify the rest of the lineup.

Few details are known about the model which Mazda is hoping to unveil in Tokyo other than the fact it is going to be an entirely new vehicle.

It is worth noting Mazda last month tested a prototype of an electric vehicle resembling the CX-5 SUV in Norway. 

Though, it is still not clear whether Mazda is going to go with this model at the auto-show during the coming month.

The vehicle is also going to be separate from the work Mazda did with Toyota as they have been collaborating on EVs. 

The new model is going to be available as both a range extender and fully electric version for the North American market.

The full-electric version though is going to suit the customers in Europe and Asia, though the North American customers require a vehicle which able to handle the longer distances.

This electric vehicle is going to be Mazda’s first foray into the department. It falls in line with the company plans centering on the introduction of cars which are more eco-friendly to meet the new carbon emission standards from Europe and California.

It is currently within the developmental stage, and a modified CX-30 body covers the underpinnings with camouflage and donning the words, "Mazda e-TPV."

Nevertheless, the vehicle debuting in Tokyo is going to be a new model, and it is not going to have any connection with the CX-30.

The vehicle is going to rely on a 141 horsepower electric motor. It will have a relatively small 35.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack as well, which is going to supply the power to the motor.

Based on the images illustrated by Mazda USA and what can be seen from the underbody work of the prototype, it is evident the electric vehicle should look like the Kia Niro.

However, it will become clearer once Mazda displays it at the upcoming Tokyo motor show.

Mazda says that by the year 2030 or 2035, the majority of the vehicles are either going to be powered by electric or hybrid motors.

The potential for an internally built Mazda electric vehicle shows a change of pace for the automaker that currently does not sell electric or hybrid vehicles in the United States.