• A suicide bomber targeted an under-construction medical facility near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
  • The U.S military said there were no U.S or coalition casualties
  • The medical facility near the base was greatly damaged in the attack

UPDATE: 3:07 a.m. EST-- Afghan and NATO officials confirmed that one person was killed and at least 60 were injured following the suicide bombing that occurred early Wednesday morning. Two attackers reportedly detonated vehicles loaded with explosives at the southern entrance of the base while five others opened fire. A provincial official said the casualties were all Afghans. There was no information about how many gunmen were killed.

Original story:

A suicide bomber targeted an under-construction medical facility near the main American Bagram Air Base north of Kabul on Wednesday, according to the U.S military. Five people sustained injuries in the attack.

The medical facility near the base caught fire and was damaged in the attack. It was being built to help the Afghan civilians in the area.

Wahida Shahkar, a spokeswoman for the governor of Parwan province, told Reuters that all the five injured were Afghans.

"A 30-minute clash also happened between the attackers, who obviously wanted to enter the base, and foreign forces," Shahkar said.

General Mahfooz Walizada, police commander of northern Parwan province, confirmed the attack but did not reveal any information about the number of casualties.

The military statement added that the airbase remains secure and there were no U.S or coalition casualties. 

Earlier reports said a U.S. military convoy might have been attacked. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Dr. Sangin, a physician and the head of the provincial hospital, said they received five wounded people, all from Afghanistan.

This is a developing story.

An explosion after a weapons depot is bombed in Sana'a, Yemen. Smoke rises during an airstrike on an army weapons depot on a mountain overlooking Yemen's capital, Sanaa, April 20, 2015. Photo: REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah