• Medical marijuana can soon come to patients' doorsteps
  • Colorado issues its first delivery permit
  • Timing will aid The Dandelion

Help is on the way for Coloradans feeling pain from the effects of ailments in the time of the coronavirus shutdown. They may want to contact doctors to see if they can get a prescription for medical marijuana.

Given Gov. Jared Polis has recommended against gatherings of more than 10 people to check the spread of the novel coronavirus, a medical marijuana dispensary hopes to have a delivery service running by the end of the month. Patients will not have to congregate in dispensaries.

The state issued its first permit to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients’ doors this week. Native Roots, which owns and operates The Dandelion, a Boulder-based medical cannabis dispensary, expects to make deliveries by the end of the month.

“The state rightly prioritized the medical patient community for cannabis delivery, many of whom suffer from illness, pain and mobility issues,” Native Roots Director of Public Affairs Shannon Fender said in a press release Thursday.

“Boulder was incredibly forward thinking when it passed legislation years ago permitting delivery to medical patients. With permission from both municipal and state regulators, we are excited to begin the first-ever legal cannabis delivery service in Colorado out of The Dandelion, our medical-only dispensary in Boulder.”

Patients will also have to register as members of The Dandelion to qualify for delivery.

A state law allowing deliveries went in to effect Jan. 2. However municipalities have to pass legislation opting in. Boulder and the nearby town of Superior have done so.

Lobbying for the bill took place long before coronavirus was known to exist.

Superior doesn't have licensed marijuana retailers but permits residential drop-offs.

Under the new law, deliveries of recreational marijuana won’t be allowed until January 2021 at the earliest.