Jeff Bauman Jr. sustained extensive damage to both of his legs during the Boston Marathon terror attack Monday afternoon, but he survived the explosion and is in stable condition, according to his father.

The 27-year-old had to have both of his legs amputated, but his father, Jeff Bauman Sr., wrote on Facebook that his son is going to pull through, despite the brutal wounds he sustained.

"Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers; they did help greatly. Unfortunately, my son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Bauman wrote in a Tuesday-morning Facebook post. "He had to have both lower limbs removed due to the excessive vascular and bone damage. ... He went back into surgery last night at midnight for exploratory due to fluid in his abdomen. He came out at 2:30, and doctors informed us he was doing better."

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The fact that the younger Bauman is still alive at all may come as a relief to many who viewed the shocking photograph of him being wheeled away from the bombing site near the marathon's finish line with his legs seemingly torn off near the shins.

The image is one of the most visceral of the many taken Monday in Boston, and in it he is accompanied by two responders and cowboy hat-wearing peace activist Carlos Arredondo, who can be seen in the photo literally pinching Bauman's femoral artery closed in an effort to staunch the bleeding.

Apparently, Arredondo's heroic efforts may have directly contributed to the victim's ability to survive the horrific injuries he sustained when the bomb went off directly adjacent to the finish line.

Jeff Bauman Sr. did not immediately respond to a Facebook message or a voicemail left at his home in Concord, N.H., Tuesday afternoon.

Jeff Bauman Jr., of Chelmsford, Mass., attended the marathon to watch his girlfriend run the race, sitting near the finish line so he would be able to watch her cross it, his sister, Csila Schneider, told the New York Daily News at Boston Medical Center, where she and other members of the young victim's family were holding vigil for him Monday night.

Schneider, who did not immediately respond to a Facebook message sent Tuesday afternoon, told the Daily News that her brother was sedated but still conscious as of Monday night.

“I hope they catch these people,” she told the newspaper, referencing whoever is behind the Boston Marathon terror attack that took her brother's legs.

Jeff Bauman Jr. appears to be an avid music lover and fan of the New England Patriots, according to his Facebook page.

Burlington [Massachusetts] Police Department Lt. Glen Mills wrote a post Monday on the Google Person Finder locator site providing some basic information about Bauman, Jr., but he said via email Tuesday that he could not release further details.

"I posted the message in order to assist an immediate family member," he wrote. "Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any further information on this."

One of Bauman's friends wrote a post on Reddit looking for information about his buddy and praising Arredondo for helping to save Bauman's life.

"That's my friend Jeff in the wheelchair. This is the latest update I have on him. Google Person Finder says he is alive, but for all I know someone saw this and reported him as alive," he wrote before confirming in a follow-up that his friend was indeed in stable condition. "Carlos Arrendondo [sic] should never have to buy a drink in this town again."

Jeff Bauman Sr. expressed raw emotion via an initial Facebook post Monday night, revealing the depths of his despair over the attack and its devastating impact on his family.

"Can everyone pray for my Son Jeff Jr. who was at the finish line today in Boston? He is in surgery right now with injuries to his legs," he wrote. "I just can't explain what's wrong with people today to do this to people. I'm starting to lose faith in our country."