The “Love, Simon” TV show spinoff “Love, Victor” follows a new teenager struggling with his sexuality played by a new actor. Fans will want to know a little more about Victor actor Michael Cimino, so check out a few fun facts:

Cimino isn’t the same age as Victor. But, don’t worry, he isn’t too much older. Victor’s age is 16 while Cimino is actually 20 years old. His big break only came last year when he starred in the horror film "Annabelle Comes Home."

He’s a musician. Cimino posted videos on social media showing that he can sing and play guitar.

He’s straight. Sorry to those viewers who got their hopes up, but it doesn’t seem like Cimino identifies as gay. “I was really drawn to the role because my cousin's gay, and I really wanted to kind of be that voice he didn't have, and for the other kids who are or were in his position,” he told Good Morning America. “That was a really big driving force for me, as well as I have a lot of friends that are gay.”

Yes, he watched “Love Simon.” “In preparation for this, I watched the movie [about] 16 more times. I just took his earnestness from that. [Simon actor Nick Robinson's] voiceover talent is so beyond and definitely watching the movie helped me set the tone for what to do,” he told Variety.

Love Victor Michael Cimino
Michael Cimino stars as the titular character in "Love, Victor." Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

Cimino went to a religious school. “Love, Victor” shows the titular character struggling, in part, due to his family’s religious beliefs. The actor could easily relate.

“I grew up in a Christian school, but a lot of the kids are queer,” Cimino told PRIDE. “Growing up around that where none of these kids could really grow up and be themselves, it was honestly hard to watch, but I wanted to represent them in a way where it was accurate and true to life.”

“Love, Victor” is his dream come true. He revealed how happy he is in a post on premiere day.

“When you chase your dreams I feel like there’s always a part of you that doesn’t feel like it’ll really happen. But seeing the show. On my TV. Surrounded by people I love?! It was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I’m so grateful for the amazing cast and crew. Thank you all for working so hard. Thank you all for the long nights. And all the stories shared over coffee and tea. All of these things are what made this show so special. I love you all. And I appreciate every single person that has had their hand in this project, even the ones I haven’t met. I hope Love, Victor changes everyone’s life as much as it’s changed mine. Love, Michael”


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“Love, Victor” Season 1 is out now on Hulu.