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In a video posted to Instagram, Ronnie Younce can be seen boldly opening his graduation robe as students, parents and other ceremony attendees look on in shock. Instagram/@wildfaux_

Thanks to the comedic efforts of senior Ronnie Younce, Northwood High School's senior class had a graduation ceremony they won't soon forget.

During the Lousiana high school's April 15 ceremony, Younce made quite the statement as he walked across the stage to receive his diploma. As he reached center stage at the Shreveport Convention Center, he opened his orange graduation gown to reveal his graduation outfit: a Speedo.

The revealing ensemble gained a few laughs and shocked gasps from the crowd, all of which can be heard in a video of the prank posted to Instagram.

Speaking to KSLA, Younce said he was immediately removed from the stage and taken to the local sheriff's office. He wasn't booked that night, but he did receive a summons for disturbing the piece.

Following the incident, KEEL reports that Younce gained some vociferous local supporters. This included the creation of the "#FreeRonnie Movement," lead by several family members of the student.

Younce told KSLA he had been planning the prank for a couple of weeks and simply wanted do something people often talk about but almost never do. He added that he timed the prank, making sure to be on stage before opening his gown. "They warn if you do a prank, you're not gonna walk on stage. I just waited until I was on stage," Younce said.

Caddo (Louisiana) schools spokesman Victor Mainiero says Younce will receive his diploma following a meeting with his parents and the parish school system superintendent. Younce says he expected he'd be handcuffed but didn't think the prank would big such a big deal.

According to Mainiero, Younce was also cited for interfering with the operation of a school. Once the matter is sorted out, Younce says he will be departing Lousiana on June 20 for a welding college in Tulsa, Oklahoma.