Mega Millions lottery players line up for tickets beyond signage relating to such at a gas station which is located on the border of the state of Wisconsin November 10, 2005 in Russell, Illinois. Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Mega Millions lottery players were not rewarded for their efforts over the weekend. A week after someone finally took home the jackpot and reset the grand prize to its default value of $40 million, Friday night’s drawing did not produce any big winners outside of a few people who grabbed $10,000 prizes.

Of course, the silver lining is that fewer winners means bigger potential winnings in the next drawing. The next chance to win money from the Mega Millions lottery is Tuesday night at 11 p.m., the usual time for each week’s first drawing.

The jackpot this week is $50 million, a $5 million increase from Friday’s biggest potential winnings. Its cash value is $30.1 million. It had grown as large as $273 million at the beginning of March, before Michael J. Weirsky of New Jersey managed to correctly guess all six numbers.

Players can purchase tickets for the price of $2. Anyone who buys a ticket will be tasked with picking six numbers from two different number pools. The sixth number is selected from a separate pool from the first five. Guess more numbers correctly to win more money.

Those who want to play for a bigger prize only need to wait for 24 hours to do so. Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing carries a jackpot of $448 million.