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Megan Ham has a rare condition that prevents her from walking or talking and limits how she expresses emotion -- except when she hears Justin Bieber.

After hearing of the 11-year-old Vancouver, Wash., resident's story, Bieber plans on meeting Megan Ham when he goes on tour in Portland, Ore., later this year.

MEGAN you stay strong for me and I'm gonna make sure we meet when i come to Portland. Love you and Thank You :) -, the Boyfriend singer tweeted.

Megan has a rare brain disorder called lissencephaly and can't walk or talk. Doctors had predicted she wouldn't live past her second birthday. There are only 1,500 known cases of lissencephaly in the world.

We've just taken every step we can to make her quality of life longer, but we still wake up every morning, hoping that she's still here with us, Megan's mother, Roxanne Ham, told KPTV in Vancouver.

Megan's affinity for Justin Bieber's music was discovered by her teacher when one of the heartthrob's songs came on the radio.

Megan, who usually has a flat expression, smiles and kicks her feet to the beat of Bieber's tunes.

It really helps her to get through the day, Megan's teacher, Kim Graves, told KPTV. It keeps her happy and it keeps her comfortable.

The way Megan reacts to Bieber's singing is uplifting to Megan's parents, who were told by doctors that the 11-year-old would never be able to communicate with them. Now her parents are more optimistic that she'll defy doctors once again, as she did by outliving their prediction she wouldn't see her third birthday.

We never thought we would feel that, from what the doctors said at the beginning, said her father, Michael Ham. This has really opened up a lot of doors.

Although Megan also has difficulty with vision, her family hopes meeting Bieber will brighten her spirits.

I just think meeting him would mean the world to her, her mother said.