Meghan Markle was previously dubbed as the next Princess Diana. But things changed after she received a slew of criticisms from royal experts and fans.

But during a recent interview, one of Markle’s friends said that there is still hope for Prince Harry’s wife to become the next Princess Diana. However, the “Suits” alum needs to change one important thing.

While speaking with “60 Minutes,” Lizzie Cundy said that Markle should start thinking of everyone else instead of always focusing on herself. This is the only way for her to become the next Princess Diana.

The late royal was known for her selflessness. She was also dubbed as the People’s Princess because she resonated with the public.

“I’m not a jilted friend, I promise. I’m not a jilted friend at all. But I feel they could do things so much better. I don’t think you can lecture about the planet and then take four private jets… I wanted her to be the next Princess Diana, I still think she still can be. But Princess Diana was about everyone else and it appears Meghan is about Meghan a lot of the time,” Cundy said.

Meanwhile, Cundy also revealed that while Markle was in London, she tried introducing her to British men. According to Markle’s friend, the Duchess of Sussex wanted to date a British celebrity, and she was openly looking for a man.

“Never in my wildest dreams, I would ever think she’d end up marrying Prince Harry. I think Meghan changed to a girl that maybe was more manipulative and doing what Meghan wants to do. I kind of saw a different side,” Cundy said.

Shortly after Markle and Prince Harry started dating, the couple decided to tie the knot at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. Months later, the royal couple announced that they are expecting their first child. Archie was born on May 6.

Princess Diana, Meghan Markle
Princess Diana visited Meghan Markle's school years ago. Wales arrives at her London health club on Nov. 20. (R) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex departs the Bristol Old Vic on February 01, 2019 in Bristol, England Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt, Chris Jackson