Meghan Markle doesn’t deserve to demand privacy when she and Prince Harry are always on public displays of their affection with each other. A royal author said that the Duchess of Sussex needs to be reminded that there’s a certain way of behaving especially among members of the royal family.

During his interview with “Good Morning Britain,” Tom Bower also accused Meghan Markle or trying to be Princess Diana while adopting into her new role. He stressed that no one could replace or copy the Princess of Wales.

The royal author’s statement came even before Prince Harry announced that they have filed a lawsuit against a slew of publications. In his statement, he said that his wife is being treated in the same way that his late mom was treated, and he doesn’t want Markle to experience the same thing.

“The problem is in my view that she is trying to be Diana. She’s trying to adopt the new role, and the tragedy is it’ll end in the same way unless someone steps in from the Palace and says, ‘Look, this is the way it’s done here,’” Bowed said.

He also hinted at the possibility of writing a book about Markle. But since Bower is still focused on writing a book about Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he said that he couldn’t reveal details about his book on Markle.

Throughout the past couple of months, Bower has been criticizing Markle and Prince Harry’s every move. There was a time when he said that the Duke of Sussex is a decent man but he is easily influenced once he falls in love. But he’s lucky to have married someone who is very ambitious and strong-willed.

Bower also criticized Markle’s decision to listen to his celebrity friends’ advice when she is no longer a celebrity. For instance, he shouldn’t have taken advice from George Clooney since he’s an actor and he advertises coffee. Markle should have taken advice from the Buckingham Palace since she’s a member of the royal family.