Meghan Markle reportedly doesn’t read positive and negative reports about her in the media for a very sensible reason.

CBS host Gayle King also said that the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t take in both the good and the bad and instead surrounds herself with people who genuinely care about her.

“She doesn’t read it, honestly. Until someone calls her and says, ‘hey, they’re saying blah blah blah,’ she just doesn’t take it all in… And if you did, it could bring you to your knees… And when you think of where all the trolling is coming from, and who is starting it, it’s people that do not know you, who have never met you, who are saying things they know nothing about,” she said.

King said that Markle just lives her life to the fullest, and she makes sure to be surrounded by people that love her. During one of her royal engagements, fans asked Markle if she checks out Twitter and said that she doesn’t. But the “Suits” alum admitted to being a fan of the Economist.

Meanwhile, King recently interviewed some of Markle’s closest friends for a new CBS documentary. Daniel Martin, Markle’s makeup artist, broke down in tears while saying that he knows the Duchess of Sussex so well and she doesn’t deserve all the negative criticisms she has been receiving.

But The Sun claimed that an insider from CBS revealed that Markle’s friends agreed to be featured in the documentary only after she gave them her blessing. However, a spokesperson for the palace said that Prince Harry’s wife didn’t give her friends the go signal to appear in the interview.

“It’s simply not the appropriate thing to be getting involved in TV shows about the family. Our belief is Meghan has been aware of this TV project for at least the last month and hoped that certain allies and friends spoke out,” the CBS source said.