Even as the world awaits the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a Canadian jeweler has created a replica of the royal couple’s wedding ring using a 3D printer.

The ring which has personally been designed by Prince Harry features three diamonds and is estimated to be quite expensive. Moreover, the ring features two diamonds of late Princess Diana which makes it more special and ‘priceless.’

Experts estimated Meghan’s engagement ring could be worth £200,000 or more. The exquisite gold ring features a huge center stone from Botswana — a place of significant importance to Prince Harry and Meghan. The two stones from either side of the ring belong to Princess Diana, Ok! Magazine reported.

In an interview with the BBC, Prince Harry, when asked about why he chose to put his mother’s diamonds in the ring, said: “To make sure she's with us on this crazy journey together."

However, a Canadian jeweler used a 3D printer to create an exact replica of the ring — but a much affordable one. The replica of the ring costs £124 and is already a best-seller.

The Canadian retailer ‘Jewlr’ based in Toronto, Canada, said that the replica which he dubbed “The Duchess” has already broken all records since it went on sale Monday evening.

Tony Davis, who owns Jewlr, said: “The Duchess is just a slice of the price that Harry spent on Meghan's ring, starting at £124. Within minutes of Harry and Meghan's photocall going live, we experienced a huge influx of searches for three-stone rings. Due to our production methods, we can turn designs around extremely quickly, and once online, products can be created and shipped to customers within days. It's great to be able to meet customers' demands for celebrity styles so easily. We already know that Meghan is one of the most influential celebrities for drivin.g our sales in the U.K., but it's interesting to see the same effect with a traditional engagement ring. Interestingly, we had an equal amount of female customers as male, which could mean a new trend for women buying engagement styles as a fashion accessory ”

“The Duchess was launched almost immediately following the release of royal press images of the couple and is outselling other ring styles by 15%. Searches for three-stone rings on Jewlr.com have also risen by 220%,” Jewlr says on its website.

Jewlr is North-America’s leading online destination for personalized and exquisite jewelry. It has its customer base in North America, Europe, U.K., and Australia.