Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was spotted with a grey hair on March 23, 2018 in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle has a baby bump, but royal watchers have noticed that the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t been sporting any gray hairs. Meghan might be taking a few measures to hide any white strands, an expert says.

The Daily Mail reasons that Meghan Markle was spotted one time with a single strand of gray in her locks last year, so she must be hiding more gray strands now. An expert claims the mom-to-be could be doing this in a number of ways.

The outlet spoke to Jason Hogan, a colorist at Josh Wood Atelier, who says that it’s pretty safe for women to dye their hair while pregnant these days (though research on the subject is limited). Hogan says he keeps clients’ hair “dimensional and multi-tonal” to distract from white strands. Meghan may be doing the same. She seems to have some chestnut highlights.

Styling could also be a key component. Meghan’s part might be where the least gray is located, and messier styles help hide the strands. Meghan’s go-to style seems to be a messy bun, perfect for covering grays.

“Choose your [parting] with the least amount of white and slight volume at the root, which allows light to pass through the hair and diffuse the color,” Hogan advised. “For up-dos think French braids and loose plaits; these mix all the colors in the hair, show dimension and can work wonders. Anything too flat, sleek or pulled off the face severely is a no go.”

Of course, this is assuming the Duchess of Sussex is getting gray hair regularly. The Daily Mail is basing this presumption off one photo from last year where a single strand of silver peaked out. Meghan might be able to simply pluck the gray out — if there was even a regrowth.

Meghan Markle’s gray hair was spotted in March 2018 during a trip to Belfast. The Duchess never commented on it, but Marie Claire praised her for rocking the light strand.