• Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle are still "friendly" but not as close as they used to be, a report said
  • Mulroney and the duchess' friendship reportedly became strained after the former's "white privilege" controversy
  • The stylist was called out by influencer Sasha Exeter for allegedly threatening her livelihood and trying to silence her

Meghan Markle and pal Jessica Mulroney still keep in touch despite reports claiming that the Duchess of Sussex has cut off the stylist from her social circle, a report said.

Months after her "white privilege" controversy, Mulroney and the former actress remain friends with each other. “Jessica and Meghan are still in communication. Meghan didn’t want to cut Jessica out of her life completely,” a source told Us Weekly.

However, this doesn’t mean that Mulroney's dispute with influencer Sasha Exeter back in June did not leave its mark on her relationship with the duchess.

“They are still friendly but not as close as before,” the insider added.

This appears to support Mulroney's statement last week that she and the duchess are just as close as ever. She posted on her Instagram Story on Sept. 18, “I’m going to tell this once and for all. Meghan and I are family. She is the kindest friend and has checked up on me everyday.”

Reports of Markle distancing herself from Mulroney surfaced after the TV personality was called out by Exeter for exhibiting “textbook white privilege.”

The lifestyle blogger alleged that Mulroney sent her scathing messages, threatened her livelihood and tried to silence her. According to Exeter, the stylist took offense to her “generic” call-to-action for powerful influencers to use their platform and speak out about Black Lives Matter, believing it to be aimed at her despite not being named in the post.

Mulroney later sent Exeter an apology in which she mentions witnessing racism “front and center,” referencing her royal friend. This, however, was “was hugely offensive to Meghan,” a source told Us Weekly in June.

“Of course Meghan is supportive of Jessica, as she is with all of her friends, but it’s a bit off-putting when Jessica seemingly uses their friendship for headlines,” a second insider told the outlet. “Meghan is very aware when people in her life do this. … Especially now that Meghan is in L.A. and it’s a sensitive time, Meghan is being very cautious with her affiliations.”

After taking a two-month break from social media following the controversy, Mulroney received backlash once more after posting a throwback photo of Markle’s May 2018 wedding with Prince Harry upon her return in August.

However, shortly after posting it, Mulroney deleted the photo, which showed one of her sons holding Markle’s veil, from her page due to “bullying and hatred.”

“People often ask why I delete certain posts,” she later posted on Instagram Story. “The amount of bullying and hatred I've had to put up with for three years … I'm tired of looking at it. Be kind. Be gracious. We are grown ups … stop acting like teenagers. Real women don't put down other women.”

In June, Mulroney left her gig as a style contributor on “Good Morning America,” and her TV show “I Do, Redo” was canceled.

Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney
TORONTO, ON - MAY 31: Actress Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney attend the Instagram Dinner held at the MARS Discovery District on May 31, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. George Pimentel/WireImage