Meghan Markle reportedly shares some unique traits with Princess Diana that Kate Middleton does not have.

Judi James, a body language expert, described Princess Diana’s body language as joyful because she had so much charisma. On the podcast “Pod Save the Queen,” James also said Princess Diana was magnetic and compelling when she was alive.

“She shared that with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, there was this kind of magnetism where people were always left wanting more. She created this story via her body language and her poses… She had a very emotional face, she gave everything away with her facial expression,” James said.

James said that all of these traits are unique between Princess Diana and Markle but not Middleton.

“That’s something that Kate doesn’t have. Kate doesn’t – and I think it’s probably a good thing – she doesn’t address the public one-to-one… She doesn’t really look straight into the camera with any meaningful looks, which is something that Diana specialized in,” she said.

Just like Princess Diana, Markle would usually pick out the camera with her eyes like an actor who suddenly breaks through the stage and speaks directly to the audience.

Markle and Princess Diana are also a lot more tactile and chattier because they have a wider range of emotions. Their body language is also more flirtatious compared to Middleton.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana and Markle are not the only members of the royal family who are known to be chatty. While speaking with Vanity Fair, one of the parents from Prince George’s school said that Prince William is also very chatty

The source said that Prince William or Middleton brings Prince George to school. The Duke of Cambridge, in particular, loves to chat with the other parents. The second in line to the throne also works out with some of the moms at the Harbor Club after drop off.

Prince William and Middleton are very hands-on when it comes to raising their three children.