Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle may or may not promise to obey Prince Harry on their wedding day. Pictured: Prince Harry and Markle watch a performace during their visit to Cardiff Castle on Jan. 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. Getty Images/Ben Birchall

Meghan Markle doesn't need to promise to obey Prince Harry on their wedding day.

Royal brides like Sarah Ferguson and Sophie Rhys-Jones both promised to obey their husbands on their wedding day. However, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton opted to drop "obey" from their vows. The "Suits" star may follow her future sister-in-law.

"In this day and age it seems a little archaic for any bride to promise to 'obey' her husband, royal or not," royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Town & Country. "In 1981 Diana set a new precedent by vowing to 'love, honour, comfort and keep' the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge followed suit during her 2011 marriage to Prince William."

According to Arbiter, considering the equality between the Duke and the actress, "it's highly likely that she too will choose to forgo the custom." Those who have been following the "Suits" star know that she's an advocate of gender equality and Prince Harry is supportive of her in this area.

Dr. Edward Carpenter, the Dean of Westminster Abbey, also believes that it's not necessary for the bride to promise to obey her husband. In fact, he was "absolutely delighted" with Princess Diana's vow for not promising to obey Prince Charles.

"Marriage is the kind of relationship where there should be two equal partners, and if there is going to be a dominant partner, it won't be settled by this oath," he said (via The New York Times). "I think this is much more Christian."

This will not be difficult for Prince Harry and Markle as the royal prince is a feminist too. In January, the royal couple visited Wales and during the said outing, the "Horrible Bosses" star reportedly told a woman that her husband-to-be shares her advocacies for women.

"Meghan told the woman that Prince Harry was a feminist, too, which I believe, given his compassion, reliability and kindness," royal expert Kelly Lynch said. "The couple's connection through social justice and helping others is palpable."

In related news, Markle has been baptized and confirmed as Anglican on Tuesday evening. The ceremony was closely guarded. It was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Chapel Royal. Prince Harry was by her side the whole time.