Meghan Markle’s worst look at her recent royal tour has been revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew to South Africa for an official visit last month. Markle who was accused of overspending surprised many when she recycled her maternity outfits.

Meanwhile, Markle donned a $170 Banana Republic outfit during her solo engagement to the University of Johannesburg. It was an exact replica of the Grace Wales Boner designer dress she wore when she and Prince Harry introduced baby Archie to the world back in May. However, many felt that the camel colored belted-style trench dress wasn’t the best wardrobe for the duchess.

Some netizens said that it didn’t compliment her figure. Meanwhile, some others considered it her worst look.

“Honestly, this was Meghan’s worst look on the South Africa trip. Everything was wrong with this dress as it highlighted her weaknesses,” one netizen wrote on Quora.

“She looked plump and dumpy in this dress. She is not fat but the dress makes her look heavier than she is. The length of the dress highlighted her scrawny chicken legs but it also contrasted with her heavy body not having much of a waist. The color of the dress was bland too. I just think Meghan with her luxury access to the best designers and fashion consultants could have done so much better.”

Natalie Hunt who studies History & Political Science at Queen’s University at Kingston shared the same opinion. For her, it was true that the dress wasn’t the best for Markle.

“Terrible choice. Like someone else said, the dress highlighted all the wrong parts. In general I tend to dislike most of her outfits,” Hunt said.

In related news, one netizen said that Markle has the strangest body shape she has ever seen. The online user was referring to Markle’s different figures in the photos shared on Twitter.

In some snaps, Markle’s breast appears too big. Meanwhile, she appeared flat-chested in another picture prompting some netizens to ridicule the duchess for her  “ability to inflate/deflate body parts, just like the ‘pregnant’ belly and her ‘magic boobs.’”