Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are accused of working against Prince William and Kate Middleton after making this move.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been dragged into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s controversies. Markle’s fans accused Prince William and Middleton of being the ones behind the criticism against the new parents.

However, this time, some netizens felt that it was Prince Harry and Markle who plotted against Prince William and Middleton by upsetting the media ahead of the future king and queen’s Pakistan tour after they finished their South Africa tour.

“The Queen will be furious that H&M are setting out to upset and alienate the media just before William's sensitive tour of Pakistan. H&M are actively working against William and Kate, which is serious,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“They really are working against the future heir and have been for some time and no one does anything to stop it??” a different user added.

Prince Harry and Markle’s trip to South Africa went smoothly. Many even said that it was a huge success days before it ended. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked royal fans when they announced that they had filed a lawsuit against Mail on Sunday for publishing Markle’s private letter and editing it. 

Days after that Prince Harry filed another lawsuit against The Sun and The Mirror. Many felt that Prince Harry and Markle are declaring war against the press.

Prior to this, Markle’s fans expressed their disappointment in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for not speaking up to defend Markle from her bashers. The supporters of the former “Suits” star said that Prince William and Middleton enjoyed the bashing their sister-in-law received because they benefited from it.

“The Cambridge fandom honestly makes me sick. The reason Willy and Duchess dolittle haven’t spoken out against the hatred Meghan is facing is because it makes them look better! They seriously thrive on it and you can tell,” one netizen wrote.

Just recently, Prince William and Middleton officially sealed their charity split from Prince Harry and Markle by removing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the website of the Royal Foundation.